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family law matters

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Whenever a marriage comes to an end, both parties will need to deal with the division of matrimonial assets, such as the house, business interests, investments and pensions.

Before you can be fully advised, a detailed analysis of both parties’ financial circumstances will need to be undertaken. We will need to have the value of all of the assets including those in individual names as well as jointly owned assets.

Debts also have to be considered, as well as both parties’ income and outgoings. Both parties are required to be fully honest and open about their personal financial circumstances, and if it later comes to light that certain assets were not disclosed, then any agreement reached between the parties can be set aside.

The person at fault may also be ordered by the Court to pay the other party's costs.

Wherever possible it is best to try and reach an amicable agreement. We can enter into negotiations on your behalf in the hope of reaching a settlement without the need for lengthy and costly court proceedings.

It may be possible to achieve this amicably by discussions between you both.

Mediation should be considered as an alternative to court proceedings and attendance at a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting with a trained mediator is now required before any court proceedings can be commenced.

We are here to help you and guide you through this very important element of the marital breakdown.